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Chatbots - sometimes called Chatterbots - are computer programs that hold conversations with humans or other chatbots. The most well known chatbot is probably a ELIZA, a 1966 computer program that simulated a psychoanalyst.

Although some people have written chatbots that learn, most use a system of matching user input against a bank of possible responses. Wildcards and pronoun transformations make the responses appear more natural.

There are many different systems for building chatbots, many of which use languages such as AIML which are not easy for non-programmers to learn. The Personality Forge provides a simple user interface that allows anyone to easily create their own chatbot without resorting to any programming. Other features include [[Bot+Chat|bot to bot conversations]], memories and emotions.

Chatbots have traditionally simulated human beings, sometimes in the hope of passing the Turing Test. Chatbots at the Forge are not restricted to human beings but include gods, animals and aliens!